Sharpmania announces new exclusive partnership with Cognomie, specialized in Mental Fitness online assessment and coaching.

Sharpmania, based in Geneva, continues to expand and is delighted to join forces with Cognomie, as the Exclusive Partner in Switzerland and France (Auvergne-Rhone Alpes region).  This is an opportunity for us to offer an innovative online coaching approach and tool for assessing Mental Fitness to our diverse business partners.

The Cognosis assessment tool is flexible and can be offered at a much broader level to individuals, teams, or an entire organisation – providing deep insight through individual profiles or with team/organization reports and proven to result in substantial benefits across an entire organisation.

Michele Telio, Head of Mental Fitness at Sharpmania, said: ‘’We have a dedicated team of certified coaches that are deeply committed to share and spread our passion while supporting businesses, small and large, todevelop, maintain or improve a Mental Fitness culture and nurture a Mental Fitness mindset that empowers individuals and teams with the ability to measure and manage their Mental Fitness and wellbeing and where everyone feels supported, can thrive and perform at their best. ‘’

The mental health agenda has been promoted more and more over the last few years.  Awareness of mental health in the workplace has been increasing and now more than ever, with people feeling isolated and not in control of circumstances, it’s vital that organisations understand the cause of their employees “stress” and mental health concerns so that a proactive Mental Fitness and wellbeing strategy can be put in place.

Michele Telio added: ‘’Leaders and employees that are mentally fit engage more effectively with their teams and their environment, have stronger relationships, feel fulfilled, motivated, and optimistic, and generally express feeling happier at work. Engaging in a proactive and inclusive approach to ensuring employees are mentally fit makes good business sense.’’

This strategic alliance between Sharpmania and Cognomie shows our joint commitment to expand Mental Fitness globally. The combination or our expertise ensures that we are able to meet the needs of businesses across the globe and set new standards in business coaching, making it accessible to all individuals within an organization.

John Young, co-founder of Cognomie, said: “We’re delighted to be in partnership with Sharpmania. Mental Fitness has always been important and the pandemic has highlighted the need for organisations to make the Mental Fitness of their employees a strategic priority. Working with the highly skilled team at Sharpmania, we can now help organisations in Switzerland and France to ensure their employees can perform at their best. The dynamism and professionalism of the Sharpmania team makes them the perfect partner to bring the Cognosis tool into the region on an exclusive basis.”

Our partnership allows us to offer best-in-class online coaching and overlay a state-of-the-art digital experience that makes coaching available to a much broader population with demonstrated results. Mental Fitness assessments enable employees to become more self-aware of feelings, and to better understand how they impact their everyday wellbeing. Tracking these changes over time allows individuals to identify triggers, and ultimately empowers them to make more informed choices about how best to respond. If you can’t measure something, it’s hard to improve it. Insightful and actionable data sits at the heart of our strategy; allowing organizations to track and understand the impact of any new initiative. Having a real-time dashboard of how your organisation is feeling helps you make more informed decisions about your broader Mental Fitness strategy, enabling you to make more effective decisions about how improve it.

These are the early days but we look forward to this journey together.

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