Who is Sharpmania ?

Specialised in providing professional services and high level expertise in Human Resources and Facility Management, Sharpmania acts as a partner during strategic changes that may drive to a reorganization of your activities and brings you, through a multidisciplinary approach, comprehensive, consistent and innovative solutions.

Founded by former members of the Geneva headquarters of Merck Serono HR management in June 2013, our company consists of a specialised, efficient and committed team whose major asset is its proven experience of organizations changing dynamics.

The work methods of Sharpmania fall under a real commitment to increase your operational efficiency. Our objective is to ensure you achieve your mission and strategies in an optimal manner. In this regard, we pay a special attention in preserving the image of your Company as well as in respecting the integrity of all stakeholders, your values and your employees.

At a glance

  1. June 2013 : creation of Sharpmania

  2. 2015 : 1st article in the press

  3. 1st January 2016 : Sharpmania opens a new business sector by proposing Site & Facility Management services with the arrival of Sylvie Durand.

  4. May 2017 – October 2017 : Sharpmania’s presence at the Salon du Facility Management et des services pour l’entreprise and at the Salon RH

  5. June 2018 : celebration of our 5th anniversary.

    The arrival of Michele Telio who inaugurates the HR Training and Development.

  6. March 2019 : we have more than 60 customers

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