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Who is Sharpmania ?

Specialised in providing professional services and expertise in Human Resources and Facility Management, through a multidisciplinary approach, Sharpmania acts as a strategic partner to accompany you in your change or transformation that may drive to a reorganization and optimization of your activities, while bringing , comprehensive, consistent and innovative solutions.

Founded by former members of the HR management  team of Merck Serono in Geneva Switzerland in June 2013, our company consists of a specialised, efficient and committed team whose major asset is its proven experience of organizations changing dynamics.

Sharpmania work methods consist of a real commitment to increase your operational efficiency. Our objective is to ensure you achieve your mission and strategic goals in an optimal manner. We pay  special attention to preserve the image of your Company while respecting the integrity of your values, your employees and your stakeholders.

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At a glance

  1. Creation of Sharpmania

  2. Sharpmania signs with its 10th

  3. Sharpmania in Swiss RTS TV Show “Temps Présent”

  4. Sylvie Durand joins Sharpmania as Associate, Facility Management & SST expert

  5. Major restructuring: Sharpmania participates in the creation of a pedagogical case study with Professor Michel Ferrary, University of Geneva

  6. The colours of Sharpmania are present at the Bol d’or, Lake Geneva Switzerland

  7. First time participation of Sharpmania at the ‘Salon du Facility Management’ and at the ‘Salon RH’ in Geneva

  8. Michele Telio joins Sharpmania as Associate, People Development expert 

  9. Sharpmania celebrates its 5th year anniversary with all our clients

  10. Sharpmania has a portfolio of more than 50 clients

  11. Sharpmania presents its Mobility Plan Concept at the Keynote Arena of Salon RH 2019

  12. Sharpmania has a portfolio of more than 70 clients

  13. Thilo Grünewald joins Sharpmania as Associate, Talent Acquisition expert

  14. Sharpmania announces new partnership with Cognomie

  15. Sharpmania announces new Mediation/Person of Trust services

  16. Mashal Ahmad Khan joins Sharpmania as Junior Consultant

  17. Sharpmania announces new partnerships with Gradar, Microshare and MyCerty

  18. Lea Lo Greco joins Sharpmania as Junior Consultant

  19. Julien Anodeau joins Sharpmania as Associate, HR Project Management expert

  20. Didier Zemp  joins Sharpmania as Associate, Relocation & Facility Management expert

  21. Marco Mancesti joins Sharpmania as a Senior Consultant.


  22. Sharpmania celebrates its 10th anniversary.


  23. Maria Waller joins Sharpmania as the new CEO.



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