Our origins

Here is the speech shared with our audience during the launch of Sharpmania on November 7, 2013 at Café Papon (Geneva)

It all started on 18 January 2013!

That day, over lunch we discussed a reality that materialized with each passing day: our professional paths would have to part at the end of the closure of Merck Serono in Geneva.

Awareness had not taken place so early for many of our former colleagues, who were completely absorbed with the implementation of the social plan, transfers, terminations, the closure of the site and all the energy required for the organization of terminating 1’250 contracts. At this time, leaving Merck Serono was evident. To continue and progress in Human Resources was another evidence. But no longer working together, no longer benefitting from the special team spirit that had enabled us to lead this unique restructuring successfully, by its magnitude and its media coverage, this was inconceivable. It is therefore on January 18, 2013, during that lunch break that our first decision took place: we were going to continue to work together!

In 2007, the Merck Serono Human Resources team did an extraordinary job in the implementation of the new organization following the acquisition of Serono by Merck. The work done by this same team during the closure of the site was also considered extraordinary by all stakeholders. This experience of construction, and then of “deconstruction” allowed us to validate an essential point: the impact on the business and the staff of very strong growth or a very sharp decrease generates the same needs in terms of Human Resources. At this point our “business model” became clear and our second decision took place: we would continue to work together to assist in rapidly changing or growing companies or either in the implementation of a staff reduction plan.

A business in transformation has no other choice but to rely on its Human Resources to lead a major job that is key to the success when restructuring. Human Resources services are rarely trained and staffed for this mission. This is where our team, thanks to its unique expertise gained within Merck Serono, but also with other companies in previous professional lives, intervenes and assists the company before, during and throughout the period following this crucial phase of restructuring.

We are not followers of convoluted and unrealistic concepts. We are on the contrary very pragmatic-oriented results. This brings us to our name “Sharpmania”. Why “Sharp”? Because the common denominator of our team is undoubtedly the ability to deliver concrete and sharp solutions which are immediately actionable by our customers. Why “Mania”? Because we are all animated by this same focus and the same determination. In other words, we share this mania to be precise and applied. After several brainstorming sessions, our third decision was taken: our company would be called Sharpmania.

Since the official creation of Sharpmania in June 2013 and the beginning of our activity, we were able to validate that our business model was correct. Our position in this niche market is attractive and we take this opportunity to thank the companies which already trust us and are represented tonight.

We would like to thank you all as well for being here tonight as this is an honor and a great pleasure for us. It is important to have you with us at this time of conviviality to celebrate in good mood the birth of Sharpmania.

Success and long life to Sharpmania!

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