EHS – What do we do to ensure that we respect the legal requirements and preserve the health of our employees?

Identify potential hazards
This step is crucial. It is often underestimated by companies, resulting in, inappropriate, insufficient or employee-refuted measures.

Knowledge of the risks is essential to ensure consistency in the implementation of these measures.

Communicate the measures taken
The measures implemented by the company should be known, explained, understood and accepted by the employees.

When communicating, consider and include all stakeholders (employees, external service providers, temporary workers) in order to preserve the health of each person.

Act methodically
The more measures depend on human beings, the less effective they are.

We suggest that you prioritize the following :

    1. The technique
    2. The organisation
    3. The staff


A methodical approach will enable you to ensure the implementation of effective and adapted measures to guarantee the safety and health of your employees with regards to physical and psychological risks.

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