Working from home – With the sudden arrival of working from home, do you still need as much office space?

Sharpmania has a wealth of experience in supporting many multinationals and SMEs, and uses its own proven methodology to assist you in the combined implementation of working from home and the right size of your office space.

    • Analysis of the real occupation rate of workplaces
    • Analysis of exchange flows between clusters of activity
    • Consideration of business development prospects
    • Calculation of the ratio of employees/work centers
    • Dimensioning of surfaces and number of work stations
    • Reorganization of workstations, common areas, services and equipment
    • Creating or updating your shared office policy
    • Creating or updating your work from home policy according to the latest trends and in compliance with bilateral social security agreements
    • Change management support for successful and sustainable adoption of your shared office and work from home policies


Would you like to set up or develop your work from home policy? Do you want the guarantee of occupying the right office space for your business?

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