Mental Fitness – How to preserve the mental health and resilience of your employees?

We are all impacted in one way or another by the disruption of Covid 19. We have had to adapt and quickly learn new ways of working. This unprecedented period has had a considerable and undeniable impact on all of us.

Sharpmania has partnered with Cognomie, a company that specializes in promoting mental fitness in the workplace.

We are currently offering a free on line survey to our clients that focuses on 12 key areas related to mental health and wellbeing. This survey is anonymous and allows companies to take the pulse on how employees are doing today and how they project themselves in 3 months time.  Ensuring that your employees are mentally fit and resilient sends a positive message that you are doing the right things to take care of them.

If you think this could be beneficial for your company and would like more information, please contact Michèle.

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