Mental Fitness

Since July 1, 2020 Sharpmania is the Exclusive Swiss Partner to Cognomie.

We provide a state-of-the-art assessment tool and an innovative online coaching approach that brings Mental Fitness coaching deep into organisations, to support sustainable changes across employees, teams and your organisation. Our focus is twofold: to develop employees and improve company performance through the lens of Mental Fitness thus building a strong foundation of mental health & wellbeing.

The Cognosis diagnostic draws on three key areas of Mental Fitness: Myself, Environment and Foundations, which are core to self-efficacy. These are informed by theories of high performance, positive psychology and emotional intelligence along with a series of focused conversations/coaching sessions, enabling an individual to tap into their inner resources to manage stress and enhance performance. The three areas are clustered around how an individual experiences and manages themselves, thus positively impacting wellbeing and productivity.

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Our Team of Coaches:


Our dedicated team of highly skilled and accredited Swiss based Mental Fitness coaches provide instant access, advice and development to individuals and teams to build a stronger foundation of Mental Fitness within your organization.  We are also able to draw on our continuously growing global pool of over 500 qualified coaches across sectors and geographies.

Your Benefits:

  • Building new skills and competencies, developing new behaviors, sustained change in outlook, engagement and company performance
  • Ability to measure coaching results in terms of motivation, engagement, productivity and Return on Investment
  • Identifying trends and focus areas for further development
  • Cost effective, scalable and accessible expert coaching anywhere in the world

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