Mediation – Conflicts Management

In the course of an employee’s professional career, one may face relationship difficulties with their colleagues or other internal stakeholders, which may have repercussions on their health, performance and the company climate.

According to the Federal Labour Law (Art. 2, LTO3), employers are responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure and improve the protection of the physical and mental health of employees. A federal decision taken on the 9th of May 2012 states that the use of a person of trust/mediator is a suitable means of preventing and managing conflicts within a company.

Sharpmania supports you

Through the intervention of Valérie Ayer, trained in mediation (CAS Conflicts Management – HETS, Geneva), Sharpmania is able to offer you access to a person of trust, providing a neutral and confidential framework, to manage conflicts in an effective, rapid and sustainable manner.

Your gain:

  • re-establishing communication between people in conflict allowing for better collaboration
  • reducting complications (resignation, absence, dismissal, etc.)
  • creating of a climate of trust within the company; promoting the commitment, efficiency and well-being of employees
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