Change Management

Our Change Management programme

Sharpmania most often works with companies at the starting points of change, key events that raise some critical questions for the organisation. For example, redefining a strategy that might call into question the alignment of the leadership team, a step change in senior management that might redefine the company’s corporate culture, building a case for change following a move to a new building, etc.

We take pride in working with companies that regard transformation as a core capability to be continually developed.

Our objective is to enable our clients to achieve and sustain transformative change that delivers breakthrough results, develops leaders and aligns their organisation.

Our strategy when managing change is deployed in three folds:

Building the case for change

This is a critical step that requires a strong commitment from leaders. We make sure executives own the change and help them approach it with an eye on meeting their near-term goals and building the long-term capacity.

Managing the change process

In this step we deploy a tailor made operational plan encompassing of various thematic workshops, communications (Surveys, Town halls, Videos, etc.) and any material to make the change happen.

Providing Training and Development

For organisations to change, people must change and teams must learn new ways of working. We partner with leaders to deepen their ability to engage, observe, and direct their teams. We teach them constructive ways to hold each other accountable for leading in a way that matches the future vision for the business.

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