The current economic situation,  increased competition and ambitious corporate targets are factors that can trigger the restructuring of one or several departments within a company.

Sharpmania offers its experience and its expertise to enable you to face these challenges in an optimal man.

We help you in every kind of organisational change (i.e. fast-growing organisations, structural changes, mergers, company downsizing, site closures etc). Moreover, we put our priority in providing solutions that allow you to reach your goal while respecting your values as well as your employees.

We provide the following support as needed :

  • Discussions, negotiations, and other interactions with all stakeholders (Management, Unions, Authorities etc.)
  • Implementation of social plans
  • Operational support
  • Internal and external communication
  • Support in creating dedicated IT tools
  • Process streamlining

Your gain:

  • Expert advice on reorganization
  • Limited business disruption
  • Better image of the HR function
  • Compliance
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