Sharpmania announces a new partnership with MyCerty

Sharpmania is pleased to announce a new partnership with Swiss start-up MyCerty, which specializes in work certificate automation.

Founded in French-speaking Switzerland in 2020, MyCerty offers a digital, innovative and collaborative platform that allows organizations to simplify and accelerate the process of drawing up work certificates in Switzerland.

Digital allied with a human touch: the best of both worlds combined.

This partnership allows Sharpmania to provide its clients with a digital approach through the utilization of the MyCerty platform, in addition to the personalized and customized solutions for which it is renowned in the field of work certificate management.

For MyCerty, this partnership gives an alternative choice to the 100% digital it currently offers to its customers seeking to free up their time, by outsourcing all or part of the management of their work certificates.

How can your organization benefit from this partnership?

This new service offers you the choice to outsource all or part of your work certificate management to Sharpmania, while benefiting from the efficiency of the MyCerty platform.

With the time savings and simplicity provided by the MyCerty cloud and turnkey solution, your HR function can also free itself from the burden of managing the process (monitoring deadlines, reminders, etc.), or even collecting employee data, by relying on the experience of Sharpmania’s HR experts.

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